This course was created for NHS patients to help them support health and wellness through lifestyle change. The Yoga4Health protocol is specifically aimed at patients at risk of becoming chronically ill because they have been identified as being at risk of cardiovascular disease or Type 2 diabetes - and those suffering from stress or mild-moderate anxiety/depression. The course is usually delivered in small groups by expert Yoga4Health teachers all over the UK and abroad - this meets the additional need of building social connection and reducing social isolation. This online version is for those unable to attend a course in person. It is also suitable for a wider range of people suffering pressures resulting from Covid-19 and those seeking to rebuild strength and resilience after recovering from Covid. Every class in the 10-week programme can be done in a chair, or on a yoga mat, depending on your needs. Alternatives are given for every posture so that you can practice safely. However, everyone practices at their own risk and if you have any concerns about this programme and your health please consult your doctor. You may also email the Yoga In Healthcare Alliance (YIHA) with questions about the suitability of this programme for your needs on [email protected] YIHA is a registered charity and by undertaking this course you are contributing to our mission to work with the NHS to integrate the benefits of yoga into healthcare.

All patients, NHS and frontline staff are welcome

The programme can be done on a yoga mat or in a chair

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Heather Mason created the Yoga In Healthcare Alliance

Paul Fox is a YIHA Director and helped to create the Yoga4Health Protocol

YIHA is a leading voice for yoga in healthcare and has run national events to promote the benefits of yoga